SYSTEMA is a Russian art based on traditional martial practices, combat experience  and modern sports science. The word Systema simply means The System. Iit can be seen purely as a method of fully developing the potential of human movement and psychology then applying those attributes to whatever task is required, be it combative, sporting or regular daily life.
         The practice of Systema is built around drills and exercises that encourage students to be creative, spontaneous and calm and measured in their movements. Most of the work is conducted with one or more partners, though there are also numerous solo exercises to help build up a strong, fluid and relaxed body. There is considerable emphasis on breathing and psychological work, which has led to numerous cases of Systema being succesfully used in PTSD and similar cases. Health practices, such as massage and could water dousing, also play and important part in Systema training.
         In the recent past Systema was  developed primarily for use by personnel in various Russian Special Forces units. Since Glasnost, it has spread worldwide and is now practiced by people from many different backgrounds, for health and fitness as well as self defence and professional work.
            We have a wide range of instructional books and downloads available, touching on all aspects of Systema training. There are also regualr classes and workshops available too. For more information, click the link below