On-line health and fitness
training that suits your lifestyle!

Keeping fit and health isn’t always easy, given the busy lives we lead!

OFA offers a number of solutions to help you maintain your health and fitness.

We give you the tools to train at in your own time, with programs that are effective,
safe and accessible to all fitness levels.

We won’t blind you with science, our programs are straightforward and easy to follow.

We take an holistic view of fitness, covering many aspects of health and well-being alongside physical exercise.

We also offer “real time” training at our classes, workshops and private tuition.

So please have a look round the site, start your new fitness adventure today!

Simply Flow Online

Check out our new
on-line training course!

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day you get
a structured training
program delivered in easy
 to follow video clips.

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